bry triple line

Get Higher in Breck

Brecks opening week park was full of air time and funzies, due to the fact the triple line was completely up. This got us off our usually rail run and into the air.  Leave it to Breck to have the best jumps in the world, even in November!

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 4.25.47 PM

Keystone in November

UKC & Buck 90 Productions did some shredding at Keystone for their opening weekend, while dealing with the long lift lines and early season rust were still able to find the fun in getting back on a board and hitting some rails.

nate switch over 270

Yam Sandwich!

Thanksgiving was not complete without Copper Mtns Annual Yam Jam! Folks came out from all over to experience the Yamnesss, and didn’t leave disappointed. Open Division 1. Zach Soderholm 2. Nate Cordero 3. Casey Willax

what are you lookin at?

FALL: Say Wut

So it seems the leaves are falling with the snow this year which made for a perfect weekend away in Breckenridge, CO.  The lifts started turning and we made the best of it with beer, reefer, pumpkin dumping and dinners for 7!


Nate Part ’13

Andrew YODER with a special guest appearance! Filmed by: Bryan Cordero & Matt Hines only more to be expect out of the UKC crew this year..with bigger better faster tricks. try to keep up! self edited

"Hello My Name is bruce, and I am not a fish eating machine"

Fishing in March

Secluded from the rest of the word, cod fishing can get very tiring and tedious, especially when most of us are getting fatty pow lines.  Gotta support the travel budget some how. Filmed and Edited by: Bry